League of Legends Patch 5.24 Notes

Riot games already has announced that there will be a bunch of updates and League of Legends patch in the coming year 2016. Riot games said that they will release a new loot system that will give rewards to players like new characters rental, skins, full characters etc, at the end of each completed game. Do checkout vShare Download link here. Checkout Unblocked Games here. Do check out Happy Valentines Day Wallpapers for your computer and wish your loves ones Happy Valentines Day 2017.

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Before 2016 Riot games announced their last 2015’s update and that is the League of Legends patch 5.24 and it is now available to download. No doubt, Riot games are working really hard to improve League of Legends for their players and they release new update after two weeks and these updates comes with great changes, fixes and improvements. The League of Legends patch 5.24 is the last update for the year 2015 from Riot games. The patch 5.24 comes with some great significant changes and improvements along with the return of the winter Snowdown and also the kick-off of a lot more improved Poppy. The patch contains some great features and improvements that would definitely improve players experience in game. You may also like 1Mobile Market article which we have shared for you.

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Overview of League of Legends Patch 5.24

Here’s a quick preview of League of Legends Patch 5.24

Speaking of balance outliers, we have got a lot of balance changes below for champions you might not seen often let’s dive into that for a bit. Like preseasons past, we’ve traveled (via the diversity dirigible, naturally) to an entirely new ecosystem of champion balance, where many old “champion power” assumptions just don’t hold water. A moment of silence, please, for 4.20 Warwick and 6-cleaver everyone. New systems, masteries and items combine to make weak champions strong, strong champions weak, and Brand a god. So while it may shock you to see champions like Swain and Anivia nerfs, or Riven buffs (gasp!), keep in mind that we’re working off of as much objective data as we can.
Poppy’s looking cuter and more imposing than ever, Snowdown’s back and brought the Legend of the Poro King game mode with it, and we’ve put the finishing touches on our item and champion tuning before taking a balance break to January.

This patch fixes a lot of bugs and performance issues and it also adds snow to the game environments. Riot Games has also created an entire website for Snowdown 2015 where players like you can get more information on this awesome League of Legends event.

Here are some key features which are included in this patch of League of Legends:

  • Game mode, Legend of Poro King comes back with New Project, poro icons and poro skins
  • Added Snowdown minions on Summoner’s Rift and Howling Abyss
  • New and latest Penguin Skier ward and some new Snowdown icons
  • Snowdown shop which offers skins and champion discounts
  • 3 new Snowdown skins

Final Words

So, this was all about the latest patch of League of Legends. If you haven’t downloaded this patch then just head over to their official website and download this latest patch now. If you have any sort of questions related to this post then don’t forget to lend them in the comment section. I will get back to your questions as soon as possible.