League of Legends Review PC

League of Legends Review

As you all know that League of Legends is the world’s most famous and free to play multiplayer online battle arena (or MOBA for short) game for PC and Mac. League of Legends is an example of perfection and excellence for all other multiplayer game developers.

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League of Legends isn’t any regular multiplayer game but it is filled with tons of great features, special characters and free rewards. It is one of the most addictive and competitive MOBA game I’ve ever played. Even though it is a free to play game, there are constant updates from the developers Riot Games. League of Legends is a MOBA game along with the mixture of real-time strategy and with few components of RPG. It is one of the most played and most popular PC game with over 67 million active players per month. The main theme or plot of the game is pretty straightforward and simple, there are two teams consisting of five members, you need to win the battle by destroying your enemy’s main structure, which is also known as “Nexus”. These sort of games typically takes around 30 or 40 minutes to complete but sometimes it can go more than that. In the default mode, which is known asĀ  “Summoner’s Rift”, in this mode your Champion is only at level 1, which is not cool to take down the opponent’s base. So, to level up your Champion you would first need to eliminate the computer-controlled minions and by doing that you will gain both gold and experience. You can use the gold at the shop to buy items like swords, rods, and other accessories and items that you may need to increase the power of your team.

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League of Legends allows you to select ten Champions for free and they would be changed after every week and if you have some money in your pocket then you can also buy and select the best one for you from the list of 117 characters. The weekly rotation of Champions is a great way to find out which one suits you best. So in this way you can try Champions for free before actually buying them. You can also customize your Champion by purchasing different sorts of skins but they can be pricey. By winning or losing a battle you can gain experience as well as IPs (Influence Points) which you can use to customize your character and buy different sorts of weapons and armors. League of Legends is a game which can be enjoyed by all types of skill levels whether you are a beginner or an expert. The game is played from a top-down view which makes it a 2D sort of 3D game and the graphics of the game looks very great even from the top-down perspective. Riot Games are working hard to keep the game update with tons of new features and characters and the game is still updating once or twice in a month, which makes it one of the most liveliest and fantastic MOBA game out there. League of Legends is no doubt one of the great multiplayer game with millions of online players.

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League of Legends Review: Key Features

So, here are few key features from our League of Legends review.

  • Wide Variety of Characters
  • Awesome and Unique Customization
  • High Quality Graphics and Visuals
  • Huge Community
  • Great Landscapes and Environment

Final Words

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